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Personal Counseling

Offering counseling services including identifying participation in organizational patterns, increasing use of an entity's vocabulary, and describing the benefits of establishing personal patterns aligned with your entity.


Prospective customers may phone +1 775-220-3174 or email  

The consulting rate is USD $60/hr., but the final price will depend upon an assessment of the customer's needs.

Counseling in these three areas, as well as more combinations, are "framed" in terms of communications and are related to Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Coordinating, Reporting and Budgeting.  (See specifics below.)

Our Story

While working as a practitioner, Dr. Chalekian re-discovered the value of organizational patterns.  Those patterns are inter-related and have set structures.  Our counseling sessions are found to be effective 94% of the time.  Those who feel they are unencumbered may not need POSDCoRB

Our Mission

We provide a calming framework for individuals as they interact with organizations.  From POSDCoRB they can assess their own situations.

 Counseling service specifics via POSDCoRB

Evaluation of needs for short- and long-range plans.  Consultation in the need to organize people and resources.  Evaluation of needs for obtaining help and guidance within or between organizations.  Consultation in the need to direct personal and organizational patterns.  Evaluation of needs for coordinating, namely, in leading or participating in an entity.  Advisory services in an assessment of risks and reporting.  Evaluation of needs to establish and maintain personal and organizational budgets.