Organizing - Internationally

We welcome visitors from Japan, the birthplace of Luther Gulick, as

Japanese is our second "domain linked" language.  Hindi is our third.  Chinese is our fourth.  Danish is our fifth.  Indonesian is our sixth...  English, Filipino...  The following domains (and respective counts) are planned & secured:

Arabic (2), Chinese (5), English (4), French (1), German (2), Hindi (4), Japanese (3), Korean (2), Russian (4) & Spanish (2)

企画    整理    人材派遣    演出する    調整する    報告    予算編成

नियोजन    संगठन    कर्मचारी    निर्देशन    समन्वय  प्रतिवेदन    तथा बजट

规划    组织    工作人员    导演    协调    报告    预算

Planlægning    Organisere    Staffing    Ledelse    Koordinerende    Rapportering    Budgettering

Perencanaan    Pengorganisasian    Kepegawaian    Mengarahkan    Koordinasi    Pelaporan    Penganggaran

Planning    Organizing    Staffing    Directing    Coordinating    Reporting    Budgeting

Pagpaplano    Itatag    Tauhan    Pamamahala    Pagtugmain    Pakita    Pagbabadyet

The Organizing pattern is key.  The criteria often involves impacts on organizational efficiency and effectiveness.


In some instances, centralization (i.e. gathering) is beneficial.   In other cases, de-centralization is important.


A simple task is to categorize (i.e. sort).  From those results, groupings (as associated patterns) may be discerned.